Intimation regarding acceptance and oral/poster details has been sent to the individual authors. Kindly pay the registration fee on or before 31st October 2019.

Metallography Contest

Last date for online entry through the conference website for Metallographic contest is 4th November 2019.
Rules & Guidelines

Any registered delegate, interested in participating in this contest, shall make an online entry through the conference website ( Details for the metallography contest entry should be through: Home page-Program-Metallography contest- after logging into your account.

Metallography entries in their final display format should be brought physically by the participants and submitted at the registration desk meant for 'Metallography Contest' at the conference venue. Preparation details are given below.

Apply for Metallography Contest

  1. The micrographs may be in colour or black & white and shall be pasted on a base white sheet of size not bigger than A3 (preferably on a hard backup sheet).
  2. On the front side, the entry should contain an attractive caption, brief description of the micrograph (30 words maximum) & registration number, technique used, specialty about the photomicrograph.
  3. On the back side, names and affiliation details of the contestant/s shall be written along with a declaration that “This is contestant’s original work”.
  4. Entries with names on the front side are liable to be rejected.
  1. Micrographs submitted for the contest shall be of good quality with micron marker and based on the original work of the contestants. 
  2. IIM would like to acquire the 'copy right' on award winning entries and reserves the right to publish the prize winning entries in IIM-Metal News or and any other befitting publications.
  3. Organisers reserve the right to reject 'incomplete entries' and 'entries not satisfying basic competition standards'. 
  4. An entry shall be done in one of the four categories specified. Re-categorization will not be permitted once an entry has been submitted. 
  5. Any registered delegate can submit a maximum of two entries per category, but not more than 4 entries in total. 

A team of eminent judges will select the prize-winning entries based on: technical content, aesthetics (visual appeal) and level of expertise in using the technique, scientific importance and merits of the entry etc.

Decision of the judges shall be final.